Edited volumes

Forthcoming. “New Perspectives on Conceptual Engineering Vol. 1-3 (co-edited with Manuel Gustavo Isaac & Kevin Scharp). Synthese Library.

Forthcoming. “Methods in Analytic Philosophy: A Contemporary Reader” (co-edited with Joachim Horvath & Michael Titlebaum), Philpapers.

2022. “Foundational issues in conceptual engineering” (co-edited with Manuel Gustavo Isaac), Special issue of Inquiry: An interdisciplinary journal of philosophy; Contributors: James Andow, Delia Belleri, David Chalmers, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Eugen Fischer, Viktoria Knoll, Edouard Machery, Amie Thomasson.

Journal articles

Forthcoming. “The Anti-Conceptual Engineering Argument”, American Philosophical Quarterly.

2022. “Folk intuitions about reference change and the causal theory of reference” (with Alex Wiegmann), Ergo 8: 25. Open access: 

2022. “Chalmers on Virtual Reality: Realism on the Cheap?”, Analysis, online-first. DOI:

2022. “Conceptual engineering: A roadmap to practice” (with Manuel Gustavo Isaac & Ryan Neftd), Philosophy Compass, online-first. Open access:

2022. “Foundational Issues in Conceptual Engineering: Introduction and Overview” (with Manuel Gustavo Isaac), Inquiry, online-first. Open access:

2021. “Why conceptual engineers should not worry about topics”, Erkenntnis, online-first. Open access:

2021. “The externalist challenge to conceptual engineering”, Synthese, 198 (1): 327–348 (accepted in 2018). Preprint.

2021. “Experimental philosophy and the method of cases” (with Joachim Horvath), Philosophy Compass, 16 (1): e12716. Open access:

2021. “Engineering what? On concepts in conceptual engineering”, Synthese, 199 (1-2): 1955-1975. Open access:

2021. “There is no dilemma for conceptual engineering. Reply to Max Deutsch”, Philosophical Studies, 178 (7): 2279-2291. Open access:

(For Deutsch’s response to this paper see here.)

2019. “Carnapian explications, experimental philosophy, and fruitful concepts”, Inquiry, 62 (6): 700-717. Preprint.

2019. “Herman Cappelen. Fixing Language. An Essay on Conceptual Engineering (review), Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy Preprint.

Book chapters

2022. “Conceptual Engineering. Begriffe auf dem Prüfstand”, in: Niklas Grouls and Laura Martena (eds.), Anspruch und Methode der Philosophie. Stimmen aus der Gegenwart, WBG. Open access.

2019. “Reliabilismus”, in: Martin Grajner & Guido Melchior (eds.), Handbuch Erkenntnistheorie, Metzler, pp. 169-178. Preprint.

Non-academic publications

“Ein Rassismus ohne Rassisten?”, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 24, 2020.

Work in progress (different stages)

  • A paper on psycholinguistic biases and their role in linguistic interventions [under review]
  • A paper on whether conceptual engineering can expand the realm of thinkable thoughts (joint work) [under review]
  • A paper on conceptual infrastructure (joint work) [under review]
  • A survey article on conceptual engineering (joint work) [under review]
  • An experimental philosophy paper on cross-cultural differences concerning race-ascriptions (joint work)
  • A paper on the nature and implications of mere verbalness
  • A paper on how changing the way we speak changes the way we think

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