Edited books and volumes

Forthcoming. “New Perspectives on Conceptual Engineering Vol. 1-3 (co-edited with Manuel Gustavo Isaac & Kevin Scharp). Synthese Library.

Forthcoming. “Methods in Analytic Philosophy: A Contemporary Reader” (co-edited with Joachim Horvath & Michael Titelbaum), Philpapers.

2022. “Foundational issues in conceptual engineering” (co-edited with Manuel Gustavo Isaac), Special issue of Inquiry: An interdisciplinary journal of philosophy; Contributors: James Andow, Delia Belleri, David Chalmers, Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Eugen Fischer, Viktoria Knoll, Edouard Machery, Amie Thomasson.

Journal articles

Forthcoming. “Recent Work in the Theory of Conceptual Engineering” (with Guido Löhr and Mark Pinder), Analysis.

Forthcoming. “The Anti-Conceptual Engineering Argument and the Problem of Implementation”, American Philosophical Quarterly.

2022. “Folk intuitions about reference change and the causal theory of reference” (with Alex Wiegmann), Ergo 8: 25. Open access: 

2022. “Chalmers on Virtual Reality: Realism on the Cheap?”, Analysis, online-first. DOI:

2022. “Conceptual engineering: A roadmap to practice” (with Manuel Gustavo Isaac & Ryan Neftd), Philosophy Compass, online-first. Open access:

2022. “Foundational Issues in Conceptual Engineering: Introduction and Overview” (with Manuel Gustavo Isaac), Inquiry, online-first. Open access:

2021. “Why conceptual engineers should not worry about topics”, Erkenntnis, online-first. Open access:

2021. “The externalist challenge to conceptual engineering”, Synthese, 198 (1): 327–348 (accepted in 2018). Preprint.

2021. “Experimental philosophy and the method of cases” (with Joachim Horvath), Philosophy Compass, 16 (1): e12716. Open access:

2021. “Engineering what? On concepts in conceptual engineering”, Synthese, 199 (1-2): 1955-1975. Open access:

2021. “There is no dilemma for conceptual engineering. Reply to Max Deutsch”, Philosophical Studies, 178 (7): 2279-2291. Open access:

(For Deutsch’s response to this paper see here.)

2019. “Carnapian explications, experimental philosophy, and fruitful concepts”, Inquiry, 62 (6): 700-717. Preprint.

2019. “Herman Cappelen. Fixing Language. An Essay on Conceptual Engineering (review), Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy Preprint.

Book chapters

Forthcoming. “Conceptual Infrastructure and Conceptual Engineering” (with Jochen Brisen).

2022. “Conceptual Engineering. Begriffe auf dem Prüfstand”, in: Niklas Grouls and Laura Martena (eds.), Anspruch und Methode der Philosophie. Stimmen aus der Gegenwart, WBG. Open access.

2019. “Reliabilismus”, in: Martin Grajner & Guido Melchior (eds.), Handbuch Erkenntnistheorie, Metzler, pp. 169-178. Preprint.

Non-academic publications

“Ein Rassismus ohne Rassisten?”, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 24, 2020.

Work in progress (different stages)

  • A paper on psycholinguistic biases and their role in linguistic interventions [under review]
  • A paper on whether conceptual engineering can expand the realm of thinkable thoughts (joint work) [under review]
  • A paper on the nature and implications of mere verbalness [under review]
  • An experimental philosophy paper on cross-cultural differences concerning race-ascriptions (joint work) [under review]
  • A paper on how changing the way we speak changes the way we think (joint work) [in preparation]
  • A paper on the cognitive roots of the problem of free will (joint work) [in preparation]

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