I’m an assistant professor (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) for theoretical philosophy at the University of Bielefeld. Before that, I was a doctoral student in the EXTRA group at Ruhr University Bochum, where I defended my Ph.D. thesis in June 2021.

My research revolves around descriptive as well as normative aspects of language. Why do words have the meanings they do? Would it sometimes be better if they had different meanings? If so, what can we do to change their meanings? To answer these questions, I employ typical philosophical as well as experimental methods. One reason why these questions about language are so interesting is that they are tightly interwoven with questions about philosophy itself. Should philosophers try to actively assess and improve upon the meanings expressed by the terms of ordinary language? Is that perhaps even the central contribution that society should expect from philosophers? These questions date back to the very beginnings of analytic philosophy and they are now as timely as ever.

I am a member of the Conceptual Engineering Network, of EXTRA, of the Forum für Streitkultur, of the GAP and the Aristotelian Society. I edit the category ‘conceptual engineering‘ on philpapers. I am on philpeople, on googlescholar and on facebook. You find my University website here.

Photo by Philipp Plum


Paper: “Chalmers on Virtual Reality: Realism on the Cheap?” just appeared in Analysis (here).

Paper: “Conceptual engineering: A roadmap to practice” (with M.G. Isaac and R. Neftd) just appeared in Philosophy Compass (open access).

Paper: “Conceptual Engineering. Begriffe auf dem Prüfstand” just appeared (open access).


I got a BA and and an MA from Humboldt-University Berlin and an MLitt from St Andrews / Stirling. During that time, I received a scholarship from Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. As a Phd student, I spent time at the University of Cologne and at ConceptLab at the University of Oslo. My PhD supervisors were Joachim Horvath and Thomas Grundmann.

You find my CV here.

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